Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red & Blue1


  1. Hi~Glad to meet u~
    Im quite appreciate about ur portfolio!
    I want to apply CSM foundation,
    Do you think the drawing technique is very important?Im preparing my portfolio~~
    Is it that international student have no time to order to complete the work?
    Im just 17 years old..if i work hard,Can I go to undergraduate smoonthly?(woman fashion design)
    I know it is a cut-throat competition.
    thank u for reply!!!

  2. I just found your blog... sorry I am a bit slow! Anyway. I hope you had fun in Bristol. I like these pictures a lot!

  3. hi anonymous, sorry for replying late. em.... i think the technique isnt the important one, but it is essential. ur idea is more important than technique, just my thinking. i heard that csm students (fashion) didnt have enough time to sleep and their tutor is also very strict... they're always crying.... but, u know, everyone should work hard in order that our dream will come true.

    liz, i very like yours and aine's drawing and books...very interesting.