Monday, February 16, 2009



My final project is a series of concept idea—“LOVE” or some matters of the heart, even though “HATE” in my artwork, which can express its own meanings and meanwhile leads people to enter into this space freely and to begin a direct spirit communicate and contact with various things. Love, which everybody is looking for throughout one’s life. Whatever it could be love between family members, friends or lovers,even pets and food. So, this is my experimental work about relationship between different kinds of people.

In my opinion, love is there if you want it to be, whatever who you are, even though just one, two or three people, etc. Sometimes when we face to love, we are confused; we have lots of question to think about it. What is love actually? It is no right answer, but everyone has an own feeling about love, sometimes it is hard to say, especially for men. So, when I face to love, I think it should be “? “ to me, I don’t know how to deal with love sometimes--hesitation, helpless…but sometimes it is a secret to me--excited, warm. Even follow shout sometimes. So I discovered pleasantly that there are lots of interesting emotions to explore. I drew two sides of these characters. One side are the same masks on their face, not specific, while you are rolling these sticks, you will find another emotion behind the face. The stick is support for relationship between the characters. When people see these masks, they don’t know what has happened on their face and soul, at that time, they are going to image what are they doing now and follow these sticks in order to see the other side of their body. Right!! Love could be punctuation, such as quotation, comma and sigh, etc. but not a full stop. So, the couple love each other, the family love together, even though the three same gender guys love together, as well as this alone guy in the winter. Even if that guy has nothing, but a red scarf could warm his body. Thus, as long as you just have to see that it is wrapped in beauty and hidden away between the seconds of your life. If you don not stop for a minute, you might miss it. And it was the only thing that made watching you would bearable. And this is my concept as well.


  1. Whatever it could be family, friendship and love, even pets and food. So, this is my experimental work about person.


  2. 爱在亲人,朋友,情人,甚至宠物和食物间都存在的。这是我的一个实验性作品,关于人与人之间的。